Just like the rest of the word the corona virus affected us pretty badly. Our progress was halted and we aren’t able to do any development work for nearly a month. We haven’t been able to hold any esports events for some time now.

But things are getting better and new esports events are coming soon!

At least for us the situation has improved somewhat now and we can put some time into this project. We have started working on new articles(this one is the first), developing new features are we are looking to hold an event very soon.

We were also going to add products in our online store. But we weren’t able to that too. Now we are working on making some products and getting the store up an running soon. So please keep an eye on that and we will update you with an article here too.

So when are the next esports events?

We are working hard to organize an event. Actually it was in our plans to hold our biggest esports event yet in June. Due to unpredictability created by this situation we can’t give you an exact date. But please note that holding an event is one of our top priorities now and hopefully we will be able to do it soon.

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