Fortnite is famous for its blazing set of skins, cosmetics, and emotes. With Fortnite latest Season 13 (Chapter 2: Season 3), there have been many skins released in the Battle Pass, and players might wonder what the latest rarest skins are. In this guide, we will check out five of the rarest skins in July 2020.

What are the 5 rarest skins in Fortnite?

Aerial Assault Trooper

Although there are a handful of rare skins, the community regards the Aerial Assault Trooper as the rarest Fortnite skin of July 2020. Released in Season 1, the skin was available to those who achieved Level 15. This outfit features a dark green camouflaged military suit and a black paratrooper helmet with orange decals. The outfit also comes with a light brown scarf. Aerial Assault Trooper is not likely to return to the game anytime soon making it the rarest Fortnite Skin to date.

Renegade Raider

Renegade Raider is available during Season 1 only, and after you have reached level 20. The Headhunter character from Fortnite: Save the World mode, inspired it. The outfit features a reddish-brown tank-top with dark brown pants and gloves. Along with the outfit, includes a leather cap helmet with built-in goggles. Renegade Raider is a “rare” rarity skin and one of the oldest skins in the game. Few players have this skin in their inventory, which makes it one of the rarest skins in the game.

Black Knight

The Black Knight was one of the original rewards for reaching the Battle Pass’ top tier. Available after acquiring the Season 2 Battle Pass, the skin is pretty much impossible now to obtain. Having this skin means you have been in the game for quite a while. The Black Knight is a classic legendary rarity skin that comes with a fantastic back bling shield.

Sparkle Specialist

The Sparkle Specialist appeared in Season 2 of the Battle Pass. To obtain the skin, players need to reach Tier 56. Sparkle Specialist is one of the disco-themed skins from the Fortnite Fever set. It features a dark blue tank-top with gray pants wrapped with violet details along with violet gloves and stylish boots. You will need to wait until this skin hits the shelves again if you want to get your YMCA. Indeed, Sparke Specialist is a true rarity in Fortnite.

Double Helix

The Double Helix is among the rarest Fortnite skins. It comes with the Nintendo Switch Fortnite special promotion, so it’s only available for players that buy the exclusive bundle. The Double Helix includes a unique Character Outfit, Back Bling, Glider, and Pickaxe.



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