Fortnite Rarest Skins List (July 2020)

Fortnite is famous for its blazing set of skins, cosmetics, and emotes. With Fortnite latest Season 13 (Chapter 2: Season 3), there have been many skins released in the Battle Pass, and players might wonder what the latest rarest skins are. In this guide, we will check out five of the rarest skins in July 2020. What are the 5 rarest skins in Fortnite? Aerial Assault Trooper Although there are a handful of rare skins, the community regards the Aerial Assault Trooper as the rarest Fortnite skin of July 2020. Released in Season 1, the skin was available to those…

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July 13, 2020

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 Leaks: Battle Pass, New Characters, Weapon and Operator Skill

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 is set to release on July 11th, 2020, which is a day after the Season 7 battle pass will end. The Battle Pass for this season is named "The Forge," and is set to introduce a ton of fresh content, including four new characters, a new weapon, and operator skill. As we await the official announcement, several new leaks reveal what exactly Season 8 is bringing in the next few days. Credit for the leaks goes to Murdablast and COD Mobile Leaks. Season 8 Battle Pass Characters The upcoming season is expected to have…

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July 7, 2020

Leaderboard and the results of esports events

In the last article we wrote the reason for our inactivity and when would the next esports events take place. Just before becoming inactive we had finished working on the leader board's development. We were going to write an article to share the news with you but you know what happened. But now it's time to tell you about the leaderboard. The leaderboard: Visit this page to see the leaderboard. We have updated it with the result of our latest event and will keep updating it. Latest articles: Follow us on social media: FacebookTwitterInstagramYoutube

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June 17, 2020

Current situation and new esports events

Just like the rest of the word the corona virus affected us pretty badly. Our progress was halted and we aren't able to do any development work for nearly a month. We haven't been able to hold any esports events for some time now. But things are getting better and new esports events are coming soon! At least for us the situation has improved somewhat now and we can put some time into this project. We have started working on new articles(this one is the first), developing new features are we are looking to hold an event very soon. We…

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June 15, 2020

How can I register for these Esports events?

If you want to register for these esports events then please follow these steps: Right now you can register for these esports events for completely free!! Please follow the simple steps below to proceed Visit the contact & registration page from the navigation bar at the top of the page.Write your first name, last name and email in their respective form.Choose registration as the inquiry type.Send us a detailed message in the message tab about the following things:Your previous gaming and streaming experience.The event you want to participate in.The games you want to participate for in these events(if there are…

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May 3, 2020

Get ready to watch Esports live and experience the latest Esports events in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Esports league is a company that regularly holds Esports events in different cities of Puerto Rico. These events are both held online and live. In the live stream section or the home page you can get the links to the live streams of these Esports events. The best part is that you can stream these events for completely free. We welcome you even if you are from a different part of the world then Puerto Rico. Awesome online store We also have an online store where you can buy the some awesome league merchandise. You can safely visit…

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April 26, 2020